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        It was a feeling I couldn't resist; him drumming his fingers in the crevice between my shoulder blades. He was using a single hand to massage my shoulders, and it felt wonderful, but when he brought both hands into the mix, I melted. He was squeezing and massaging my shoulders, it was all a girl like me could ask for. He took his massage a step forward, and though what he did was odd, it felt amazing to me. He had brought his hands up to my scalp, and was rubbing his precious hands on my head. It was a most pleasant sensation, and I closed my eyes and pressed my head into his head, as if my participation would make it feel even more glorious. And though he was messing my hair, I didn't care, for it was a small price to pay for his wonderful talents being used on me. It was odd that he was rubbing my scalp, for he usually played it safe and would stick to massaging my shoulders, my back, and sometimes my sides and exposed belly. This may all sound sensual, but it was really just a rare service he gives. I've made this sound as if he gives me massages all the time, but he doesn't, they're rare treats. Because, you see, I don't usually let him. I like to keep them to once in a blue moon, and it's best for the both of us that I do so, for it keeps our friendship in one place. Surprised? Yes, we're friends. Nothing less, and well...mostly nothing more. We were and are very close, him and I, and we both knew that our relationship couldn't becoming anything more, for such are the facts of life. We accepted this fact happily, for we both benefited from our relationship. I benefit greatly, and he gains enough to be content, and our arrangement makes us both very happy.  
        As he continued to stroke my hair, I craned my head skyward, exposing my neck to his miracle working hands. He brushed softly the hair on my neck, and I would swear to you, at that moment, I could die happily. I appreciated his massages, for his hands were always pleasantly warm against my flesh, and he was never rough to me. He always treated me respectfully.  
        At this moment though, he did something unexpected, that I didn't like at all, and though he had done it cautiously and slyly I reacted out of instinct. He had placed his hand around mine, and began rubbing it softly with his thumb. It was a touching gesture in all appearances, but I wouldn't stand for it, and I yanked my hand out of his, and then I slapped his hand scathingly as if I were scolding a child. He knew that such a thing could jeopardize us, for my brother had just entered the room, and had been watching us. I needed to keep our dignity, or at least mine, in tact. So I stood up quickly from the chair I had been lounging on, and while holding my head high, I strode indignantly from the room. I was angry now. But, I wouldn't, or couldn't stay angry at him for long, for we were roommates, and he provided our food and shelter. Both of those things I appreciated, and were grateful for.  
        As I left the room and started down the hall, I could hear him turning his attention onto my brother with polite conversation. Typical man. After what he had done, and on top of that, he was acting as if nothing had just happened. If I was angry before, I was furious now. He had betrayed my trust, and our agreement, and he had no concept that he had just hurt me deeply in my heart with his little stunt, and now he acted the innocent. I could not get out of this house fast enough...and away from him.  
        Something you probably don't understand about me; I have super-powers of a sort. And I was so eager to get out of the there, that I began to use them immediately on my exit through the back door. I began to jog, which developed into a sprint, and then into a full-speed-ahead run, and I wasn't even moving to my full capacity. I had achieved a brisk 24 miles per hour, and I wasn't even breaking a sweat. Only the world's fastest man could catch me now, and my masseur back there was not him. And once I reached my top speed, I would be un-catchable.  
        Up ahead I saw a six-foot wall looming toward me as I sped toward it. No obstacle for someone like me. I slammed my feet into the ground and launched myself upwards, I had enough momentum from running and was able to connect high on the wall, and using my legs to kick the wall, I propelled myself to the top of the wall and over it. I landed spectacularly on the ground, and sped on, not skipping a beat. I jumped over more walls as I sped over neighbors' walls and fences. After jumping clean over the third neighbor's small fence, I knew they had dogs. But I was running my max speed as if I had been scared out of hell, and had run the length of the yard and had leapt over the opposite fence before the dogs had a chance to even consider barking. But the next neighbor had a pool on the opposite side of their yard, and there was a teen pool party going on. The young guests were dancing, swimming, and of course drinking alcohol. I wanted to roll my eyes at the media cliché, but I didn't have the ability or the time to as I pulled some fantastic evasive maneuvers around some of the guests, and jumped onto the snack table, spilling drinks and scattering pretzels. I ran the length, dismounting it through the embrace of a couple about to kiss. They made cries of surprise, but I continued, bracing myself to leap over the small pool. I cleared it in a smooth and effortless jump. I bounded speedily over the fence and ran away into the sunset.
        After putting several blocks between me and him, I slowed to a walk, and strode down a highway to the neighborhood park. I made my way to the sandy playground that the County had built, complete with jungle gyms and swings. I sat in the sand, for it was still slightly warm from the sun, and I laid on the ground, enjoying the heat while it lasted, for the sun would set in less than an hour. I lay there for a while, and after getting comfortable, I fell asleep.
A prickling sensation in my spine, and a disgusting snuffling noise startled me from my nap. My eyes blinked open, and huge as sky was the great, wet, and sniffing nose of a nasty pit bull. The pit bull began barking when he saw me move, and I reacted instantly. Screaming loudly, I slapped the dog hard on the snout and scampered away as fast as I could. But far from being startled, the pit bull was after me. It was barking wildly, and I was sure that if I looked over my shoulder, I'd see murderous intent in his eyes, but I kept running and dared not to look back. The pit bull's angry barks drew the attention of several other dogs that were exercising with their owners. Some of the dogs had ripped free from their masters' grip and had joined the chase. I did the only thing I could do to get away from the howling mongrels. I was still tired from my hasty escape, so I couldn't escape them on foot, but I ran up the first tree I could find, and settled in the top branches. The dogs tried to climb too, but couldn't. "Ha! Stupid dogs," I screeched, "dogs can't climb trees." That got them riled up, but now, their owners had came over and reclaimed their dogs. A girl had come to reclaim her dog, the pit bull. She had picked up the leash and led her dog away, though he was fighting to get back to the tree I was nested in. No doubt due to embarrassment, other owners had reclaimed their dogs and were now probably heading home. The girl had been part of what looked like a youth group, and a boy from the group had come to the tree, and had looked up at me saying, "You can come down now, they're all gone." The boy looked strong and muscled enough to be a foot ball player, and friendly. So I went to the bottom branch, and allowed the boy to help me down. I looked up into his eyes as he held me in his arms. The thought came to my mind that this boy might be more understanding about boundaries than my roommate, and that maybe he would like to give me massages instead. But, though my roommate had done me wrong, and had been unfaithful to me in a way, I wasn't about to be unfaithful to him. I struggled free from the guy, muttered a thanks, and departed. He called for me to come back, but I ignored him, and I vanished into the night. I told you I had super powers before, and I do. Not only can I run fast, and leap fences, I can see in the dark. I couldn't demonstrate my abilities in an urban environment too well, as incandescent street lamps kept most streets well lit.  
        But I had found an dark alley, and it was light forsaken, thus completely dark. To someone average though, and I could see down it as if were clear as day. I wasn't in the mood to do any vigilante work now, I just needed to stay away from my apartment and him for a while. So after shooing and fighting away some of the pests in the alley such as rats and alley cats, I found a spot and shivered in a tight ball. I then proceeded to cry myself to sleep.  
        The next day, I considered not going home until the following day, to punish the fool, so though I was hungry, dumpster diving and scavenging was so beneath me, so I left the alley and prowled the streets until the evening when I could bare the hunger no longer. I was to the point of starvation at that point, so I made my way back to the apartment and entered through the back door hoping he'd be gone to work, and that nobody would see me. But, I suddenly remembered that it was Saturday, and that he didn't work on the weekends, and that he had been planning a big party for weeks. So the apartment was crowded with people, and they all saw me and gave cries of sympathy. No doubt, they noticed how dirty I was, and how starved I looked. But I didn't want to have to explain myself or the incident with my roommate, so when I saw that he had left some food for me, I ran at it and buried my face in it, and ate vigorously face first. The guests laughed. They probably thought that my room-mate had gotten me to pull a joke. It was clever, even for me, and I chuckled at my own ingenuity. My roommate, or who I called my best friend saw me, patted me on the shoulder, and poured me some milk, and I drank it gratefully. I was still a little ticked at him, and he would still have to make up for my mistreatment, and pay for my witty action that spared him humiliation, but he was still what I would consider my best friend and I would forgive him eventually. I didn't want to stay for the party, because I felt miserable and dirty, and didn't feel like socializing. So I headed into my bathroom and took a bath, scrubbing the dirt and grime of the day and of last night. Feeling better, and wanting to be isolated from the party, I went into my best friend's room and settled myself onto the huge bed to wait for the party to be over. It was my bed, but I was letting him use it though since he wanted it more than I did. But it was a most comfortable bed. It had one of those memory foam pads, so I melted down several inches into it and felt relaxation creep over me. I dozed off, being at peace.  
I awoke when my best friend came and sat next to me on the bed after seeing the last of his guests depart. I looked at him with mournful eyes, hoping he'd realize his mistakes and to make things right again. He smiled at me and whispered softly, "I missed you so much. Where have you been?"   
        He then bent down and kissed me softly on the brow.   
        "I am so sorry my kitten, I wasn't thinking clearly and didn't remember that you don't like your paw to be held. Will you forgive me?" He bent down to kiss my head again. He took his hand and stroked my head, and my shoulders, my sides, and my back. I purred for him, for he knew me all too well. I rolled over onto my back, a maneuver that begged him to pet my belly. He obliged, and caressed my fur. I simply could not resist him. I forgave him and released my resent, and focused fully on his petting. My master. My provider. I flicked my tail back and forth with happiness. My roommate. My throat vibrated with an appreciative purr. My, my best friend...I love him.

-My God and Savior Jesus Christ, for without him, I'd have no creativity, no drive, and no love for creative writing.
-My friend Hannah, who wanted, I promised, and I delivered.
-To my friend Diva, for she inspired much of this.
-To Kevin, Tim, Hillary, and Chelsey for tolerating me at In-N-Out. This is what I was working on folks.

Author Notes:

The whole story is from the perspective of a cat. If you don't believe me, read it again, I wrote this specifically with the goal in mind to make a reader ask, "What?" and possibly re-read to understand better. Words and explanations were cleverly crafted to specifically keep the reader in the dark until the reveal at the end. It was an idea I came after...petting my cats Rexy and Misty. I thought it would be a neat idea to write a story from their perspective. I tried to be tasteful in some of the crucial parts, but the result might seem rather awkward and make a reader uncomfortable. But I assure you, dear reader, that nothing inappropriate is going on, the massaging going on, is only a cat owner lovingly petting his cat. And it may have come across as a little fantastical and unrealistic, but I wasn't shooting for realism with this one, and I did put some solid effort into this one, so I hope you enjoyed it. It took me a good many hours thinking of how I could stretch the experiment out, and many more outlining, pre-writing, researching (in a small capacity), writing, and editing. Let me know what you thinking.
To God be the glory!

Creative Commons:
Please make sure people have a link to my work, and that I am clearly attributed as author. Please don't steal my idea and call it your own.
FATAL-FILLE Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
I thought this was a bit creepy at first, But by the end i really liked it! :)
Very enjoyable!
aly789neo124 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, I actually really liked that. At first, i thought the beggining introductions of the super powers were a little blunt. But now it makes sense, since she's a cat and all.

Hehe, if you want the truth, I actually thought that the cat was a boy and I was totally reading this as a gay couple..... But then it was a cat! That was a really neat-o plot twist! I'm so watching you now.
batwinged-squirrel Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010
I love this story! It's very interesting to see something from a cat's point of view -- the main character sounded perfectly human until I read the word "paw" and was like, "...wait, what?" Then I re-read it to understand better. It's very cleverly written. Great stuff!
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